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Protection relays

Arcteq's AQ-200 and AQ-300 series of protection IEDs are developed to cover any application in transmission or distribution network protection and control. These high-performance product lines offer a variety of solutions for a variety of situations: line distance and differential protection, distributed or centralized busbar protection, machine protection and feeder protection.

Arc flash protection

Arcteq's AQ-100 series offers a complete solution for arc flash protection. The AQ-100 product line is designed using top-of-the-line technology, with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. The series is built to meet the growing demands in both LV and MV switchgear and controller applications, and it ranges from basic stand-alone units to more complex system solutions.


Arcteq provides a comprehensive range of services to its customers through its own skilled staff and a global network of partners.

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Product training for Arcteq Partners


We are very pleased to have the opportunity to start the autumn with product training for Arcteq partners and end...

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Meet Arcteq in PAC World Americas virtual Conference!


This year we will hopefully meet you all at our virtual stand! Come and visit us virtually at PAC World...

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Webinar Wednesday: AQ 250 mimic configuration, example cases


AQ-250 series IEDs include a 7-inch color display. While the AQ-210 series LCD screen gets the job done in most...

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Webinar Wednesday: Configuration training: Differential protection


Differential protection for transformers, generators, and lines are included in many of the high-end Arcteq protection relays. Our Support Manager,...

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Arcteqin suojareleet suojaavat Vaasan Sähköverkon sähköasemia

Arcteqin uudet 250-sarjan releet suojaavat Vaasan Sähköverkon kolmea sähköasemaa Sami Koskela – VEO Oy, Jesse Saastamoinen – Arcteq Relays Oy,...

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Stora Enso invests in safety

Arcteq delivered the AQ 2000 medium voltage arc quenching system to Stora Enso’s Anjala paper mill located in Inkeroinen, Finland....

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Arcteq was chosen by CERN to be the supplier of the protection relays, for next 5 years

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is within the next five years renewing the protection relays for the electricity...

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Arcteq protects Taiwan’s longest tunnel

Arcteq was selected as a relay supplier for Hsueshan Tunnel retrofit project in Taiwan. This Asia’s second longest and world’s sixth longest tunnel...

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Wind power substations protected by Arcteq

Torkkola wind power station Arcteq’s AQ 300 and AQ 200 series protection and control IEDs and AQ 100 arc protection...

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Arcteq on-line product training 29.9.-1.10.2020 (EMEA) and 20.10.-22.10.2020 (Americas)

Targeted for Arcteq partners and end customers, conducted as a three-day on-line Teams-event.


Webinar Wednesday: AQ 100LV arc protection for low voltage applications

Webinar Wednesday: AQ 100LV arc protection for low voltage applications

June 24, 2020

Wednesday Webinar: Configuring and setting cable end differential

Wednesday Webinar: Configuring and setting cable end differential

July 8, 2020



We provide a comprehensive range of services to our
customers through our own skilled staff and a global network
of partners.