In Thailand, PEA is responsible for providing electric power and related services to Thailand and neighboring countries, covering 99.98% of Thailand’s territory over 74 provinces. Arcteq has introduced the most reliable arc flash protection system to PEA since 2015. So far, we have been supplying more than 500 arc protection relays and 600 arc flash optic fiber sensors to PEA’s nationwide electrical substations.

“Five years ago, Arcteq was just a challenger in Thailand, but now we have been growing and facing challenges from our competitors. We will keep adding our efforts to the Thailand market and provide our best protection products and schemes and support to customers” promeses Mr. Xiaoming Ni, Arcteq Relays Regional Sales Manager (Asia-Pacific).

Approved products are AQ110F, AQ102, and AQ-F215.

PEA_approval letter for arc protection 2020