Arcteq supplies the Norwegian Island Drilling Company through our new partner Mongstad TavleTeknikk with AQ 100 arc flash protection system, including a high-end re-usable arc quenching device on an offshore drilling rig.


Island Drilling Company selected Arcteq arc protection system with AQ1000 arc quenching device into their existing switchboards on the drilling rig Island Innovator. This is a retrofit installation to existing switchgear installed 10 years ago. The purpose of the installation is to reduce the arc energy level in the case of short circuit and arc failure in the switchgear. The calculated arc energy in the switchgear onboard the rig clearly exceeded the set safety norms. By introducing the arc protection system, the level of potential arc flash energy and corresponding PPE level was dramatically reduced to a level significantly below than minimum requirement and ensure the best safety both for personnel and continued power supply.

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