The Arcteq Finnish customers got to experience the new AQ 250 product family at Arcteq customer day

We at Arcteq invited their Finnish customers to Vaasa to introduce the new AQ 250 product family. Other topics of the meeting where the highly topical issue of earth faults in compensated networks and setting calculation for transformer differential protection with the AQtivate 200 setting wizards.

Relay experts from electrical utilities and industrial operators joined the meeting achat cialis en ligne. The common factor for all participants where high level protection relay knowledge and interest for news on protecting the electrical grid.

The new 250 product family was met with a great interest. The AQ 200 series have been on the market for a few years with the narrower AQ 210 frame. The new AQ 250 has a considerably wider frame with room for 14 option cards. This opens up opportunities with the high requirement distribution applications and e.g. three winding transformer differential protection. The AQ-L255 with line protection functions is introduced in Autumn 2017 and opens up the transmission grid applications for AQ 200 series.

The large 7” graphical color display on AQ 250 makes it possible to display feeder information in a more informative way than before. The mimic creation tool is very flexible and figure 4 below shows the power of a high res display with a bit lighter twist.

We can predict a great future for the new Generator Commander. We are first in the world to combine generator control and protection in one unit, the pilot installations have been very successful and we have long list of pre-orders for the GC that is released for deliveries in June 2017.

Arcteq customer day was arranged on the Vaasa EnergyWeek 2017 and most of the participants continued to the cyber security event on the next day.


CEO Juha Arvola went through Arcteq history and the Finnish market in his opening of the event

A group of high level relay experts gathered at the Acrteq customer day

The new AQ-F255 and Generator Commander introduced


The Ice Age figure demonstrates the power of the new 7” graphical display


In the evening we got to know another Vaasa region export success quite thoroughly