We have today moved to our new premises. We just left behind our first office space where it all started. With plenty of sweet sweat and hard work we produced from scratch arc flash protection and relay series that have several really groundbreaking features today. It is six years since we started in the previous office but it still feels like yesterday. I carried in the coffee machine, which is without the doubt the single most important equipment in an office in Finland. We had lots brainpower, a few chairs, tables and computers, and plenty of coffee. The office space felt huge and opportunities were endless. We even assembled our first products in that very same space! In these years of starting things from zero to growing to a prominent player in the relay business the facility just became evidently small for our growing group of great people.

We are still located in Vaasa Science park, right in the heart of the Finnish power engineering society. Actually we moved only 50 meters and we do appreciate the area where we are; right beside the Universities, Technobothnia Laboratories (ever so imperative for us) and at the seafront (yes, we do love our sea here in Vaasa).

I would also call this the end of an era; we have definitely left the startup scene behind us. The company is well profitable and very solid, our customer base is growing swiftly and new products and features are constantly launched. We may grow fast but most importantly, we will certainly carry with us that same spirit and flow of ideas needed to keep designing the greatest protection relays. Moreover, our new facility in an older charmingly characteristic building with high ceiling and large windows with sea views should inspire us to develop even greater stuff in the future.

We may be proud of having already captured some of those endless opportunities, but there is so much more out there. We will make sure that you will hear a lot about us in future as well. Today it is time to celebrate the housewarming of the new office and we surely will do so!

And here is our new address: Wolffintie 36 F12, 65200 Vaasa. For those of you who visited us, it is pretty much next door from our previous office location.

Stay tuned for plenty of Relayable Power to flow!

Juha Arvola

Managing Director

Vaasa, Finland – 30th September, 2016