Arcteq Relays was selected runner-up in Finnish growth program, Kasvu Open 2019. The

 is a program for both start-ups and establishe companies, Arcteq Relays participated in the Start again series, which was aimed at companies that already have proven expertise and established a recognizable market. More than 750 Finnish companies entered the program, of which 100 were selected to the Finals. The finalists where revived by a prestigious Jury.

“The company improves the security of vulnerable electricity networks through Finnish engineering expertise. Credible least to say and profitable growth plan. You could dare to grow stronger”, comments the jury.

“The recognition in Kasvu Open program is a valuable statement for Arcteq Relays to support the work we have done and shows that we are on the right track. We are today represented in 50 countries around the globe and looking to grow steadily with the rate we have done so far. Our technology supports this plan, and we are committed to be the best protection relay company in the world”, says Arcteq Relays Managing Director Juha Arvola