Arcteq is starting a new concept called “Webinar Wednesday”. This is a series where we introduce applications, features, and functionalities to the present and future users of our products. The webinars will take place every Wednesday twice: at 9:00 EEST for Europe and Asia, and at 16:00 EEST for the Americas.

We will have a line of topics available from both the world of AQ-100 arc protection and AQ-200 protection relays.

  • The topics are designed to describe a specific technical innovation or feature in our AQ-100 or AQ-200 series products, or how to apply that innovation or feature to a certain application.
  • The presentation part of each webinar lasts  30–45 minutes.
  • Any webinar attendee can post a question through the Q&A tool, and the questions will be answered and discussed after the presentation. Questions can be entered at any time during the presentation, and the questions are moderated during the presentation.
  • The first webinar is targeted for Arcteq partners only; the following topics will be open for anyone to attend and they are marketed through various Arcteq channels, such as LinkedIn and our website.
  • You can find a selection of the coming webinars on our Events page, where you can select the webinar you want to attend and enroll in. The full selection of webinars will be available later this week.  All enrollees will receive a link to the webinar the day before the event.
  • All webinars are free of charge. All participants will surrender the right to any entry or contribution to the webinar to be used by the organizer, Arcteq Relays Ltd, for publishing e.g. on the website or on YouTube.