”Export is a top priority in building up post-corona Finland. In Vaasa, you rarely ask for help; here things are done together with success”, says a pleased minister Skinnari.


Exactly 10 years ago, five friends carried a coffee machine into an old office building and founded Arcteq. On Monday 1 June 2020, the Finnish Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari, cuts the ribbon on the doorstep of the company’s brand-new premises. Stepping on a red carpet, he enters a heavily growing, successful export company.

“Here we develop and manufacture the world’s most accurate protection relays. Our export percentage is as much as 92%”, CEO Juha Arvola presents.


In Vaasa, Arcteq invests in a new assembly plant, which allows the company’s production to even triple. Minister Skinnari praises Arcteq for taking part in building Finland’s post-corona story.

“Without export companies, we would not have the country we are so privileged to live in. The people at Arcteq can be proud of their work. The work done here brings income to Finland, on which we develop”, says Skinnari.


“Arcteq continues to grow, great new products on the way”


Arcteq’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Robert Olander, presented the company’s global business to minister Skinnari. Arcteq is spread out evenly around the globe, and the next goal is to expand the product portfolio, grow and make the company’s name even better known.

“We have great new products on the way. We are expanding our markets and continuously looking for novel growth”, Olander tells.


Arcteq grows 20-40% every year. This year, sights are set on 10 million euros in revenue. According to Arvola and Olander, this will be easily achieved with the new modern production plant and the company’s top industry know-how.


“The government offers help in opening new markets”


Minister Skinnari offers Arcteq his help in opening new markets abroad.

“One of the most important tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is helping companies abroad. Arcteq is a global growing player that we want to help and present on a government level to other countries”, minister Skinnari says and raises his glass to the 10-year-old Arcteq.

“All the best for the future and a big thank you to the entire personnel!”