The first installation with Arcteq protection relays at CERN was commissioned in beginning of October. The Arcteq relays have been installed in the 18 kV substation feeding the SM18 cryogenic test facility. Here the superconductive magnets, used also by the Large Hadron Collider to keep the proton beams circulating, are “trained” to be able to reach the high current flow under extremely low temperatures without quenching, i.e. without losing the superconductive characteristics.

The new 18 kV switchgear installed to cope with an extension of the SM18 facility contains the following types of protection relays; AQ-F255, Feeder Protection and control, AQ-T257 Transformer protection and control and AQ-V211 Voltage protection.

The Arcteq relays are flexible to configure and open up possibilities that were difficult or even not possible with the relays previously installed at CERN” says Emanuele Freddi who is responsible for the protection system and for the protection relays of the HV network at CERN.

The contract between Arcteq and CERN was signed in end of 2017, for a period of 5 years and an estimated volume of 200 high-end protection relays.

Figure 1. Emanuele Freddi from CERN and Joni Leppilahti
from Arcteq discuss the installation of Arcteq protection relays

Figure 2. CERN takes full advantage of the 7″ color display
of AQ-T257 to display alarms, faults and measurements
(the relay in the picture is a spare unit where all the alarms
are purposefully triggered for display).