The protection of an industrial electrical process with medium voltage substations does not necessarily differ much
from the requirements for a standard distribution substation. The difference can be seen in the actual industrial
process, where e.g. motor protection and control play an important part. The Arcteq motor protection range includes
everything from small asynchronous motors to large asynchronous/synchronous motors.

Arc protection without long outages
The Arc quenching device AQ 1000 provides ultimate protection for industrial substations that normally experience extremely high fault currents and high consequences for long outages. The AQ 1000 is installed in conjunction to the
AQ 100 arc protection system and extinguishes an occurring arc in 3ms, eliminating the delay of the breaker. A
substation equipped with AQ 1000 can normally be energized directly after the reason for the arc is removed.

Featured products
Motor protection IED AQ-M257
Feeder protection IED AQ-F215
Arc quenching device AQ 1000

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