All equipment supplied to marine installations need to withstand extreme conditions. The environmental requirements are higher than normal and there is often a need for compact, multifunctional products. The Arcteq protection IEDs are designed for heavy duty industrial applications and extensively tested to withstand the requirements of e.g. ship power solutions.

Compact feeder protection
The Arcteq Feeder protection IED AQ-F215 is a powerful and compact design, combining full functionality in a space saving enclosure. AQ-F215 has many references of successful operation in marine conditions.

Arc safety on board
In the case of an arc fault on a ship, the switchgear installed is normally not able to provide pressure relief channels. An arc fault like this becomes very dangerous for the operating personnel and surrounding equipment. That’s why our AQ 100 arc protection system acts ultra-fast, limiting the rising pressure by eliminating the arc fault at an early stage. If you want to be on the safe side, our protection systems are a solid choice. The AQ 100 is approved for Marine conditions by GL.

Featured products
Arc protection system AQ 100
Feeder protection IED AQ-F215
Motor protection IED AQ-M215

Marine project references