Arcteq’s new 250 series relays to protect three new substations


“This joint project is nothing less than a masterpiece, showcasing the expertise we have in Vaasa,” says Petter Södergran from...

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Product launch for AQ-103!


Today we welcome AQ-103, the ultrafast protective relay, to our Arc Flash Protection family! The AQ-103 has all the common...

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Product training for Arcteq Partners


We are very pleased to have the opportunity to start the autumn with product training for Arcteq partners and end...

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Meet Arcteq in PAC World Americas virtual Conference!


This year we will hopefully meet you all at our virtual stand! Come and visit us virtually at PAC World...

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Webinar Wednesday: AQ 250 mimic configuration, example cases


AQ-250 series IEDs include a 7-inch color display. While the AQ-210 series LCD screen gets the job done in most...

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Webinar Wednesday: Configuration training: Differential protection


Differential protection for transformers, generators, and lines are included in many of the high-end Arcteq protection relays. Our Support Manager,...

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AQ-100 arc flash protection system with the solution of IEC61850 communication protocol is now approved by PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) Thailand


In Thailand, PEA is responsible for providing electric power and related services to Thailand and neighboring countries, covering 99.98% of...

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Newsletter #2/2020


Our Newsletter #2/2020 is out now, please click the link to read the latest news:  ...

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Webinar Wednesday: Configuring and setting cable end differential


The Arcteq feeder protection relays include a patented protection function to avoid flashovers in cable compartments. Support engineer Mr. Raj...

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Arcteq Customer service team keeps on growing!


We are very pleased to welcome Sami Tapper to our customer service team as our new Application Engineer! Sami has...

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New series of Webinar Wednesdays is available now!


New series of Arcteq Webinar Webinar Wednesdays is now available on Check out the selection and enroll now!...

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New series of webinars begin!


The second part of Arcteq Webinar Wednesdays begins with a really hot potato! Topic: The arc protection of low voltage...

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Webinar Wednesday: Configuration training


Our next Wednesday Webinar topic is Configuration training: Differential protection. Differential protection for transformers, generators, and lines are included in...

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AQ 200 series for accurate protection with variable frequency drives (VFD)


Arcteq’s patented measurement algorithm with frequency tracking between 6 and 75 Hz frequency provides for accurate protection also in challenging...

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Finnish Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari, opened Arcteq’s new assembly plant


”Export is a top priority in building up post-corona Finland. In Vaasa, you rarely ask for help; here things are...

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Wednesday Webinar: AQ-S254 with it’s unique functionalities


“Multifunctional alarm terminal AQ-S254” is the theme of this week’s webinar and it also completes the first series of Arcteq...

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Kari Järvinen joins Arcteq as a new Production Engineer!


We are glad and honored to welcome Kari Ruohonen to Arcteq as our new Production Engineer! Kari Ruohonen has over...

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Arcteq growing strong – the new facilities allow for significantly increasing production


Arcteq Relays Ltd., celebrating the 10th anniversary this year, is investing in Vaasa. Arcteq Relays, developer of protection and control...

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Wednesday webinar: Case study


Can you extend the lifetime of a 40-year-old MV switchgear by installing a reusable arc quenching device and save costs...

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Webinar Wednesday: IEC 61850 programming training


Wednesday’s approaching and it’s webinar time again! Is IEC 61850 communication protocol familiar to you? If not, this webinar offers...

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Webinar Wednesday: Earth fault protection in distribution networks


Our Wednesday Webinar series continues! This week’s informative webinar is on the topic of “Earth fault protection in distribution networks”...

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Webinar Wednesday: IEC 60947-9-1 Active arc fault mitigation systems standard


We have a very interesting topic for the first Arcteq Webinar Wednesday: the IEC 60947-9-1 active arc fault mitigation systems...

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Arcteq is starting a new concept called “Webinar Wednesday”. This is a series where we introduce applications, features, and functionalities...

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Arcteq R&D team is growing


Arcteq is reinforcing its workforce by employing Mika Ruohonen as a part of the R&D team. Ruohonen widens the team...

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Arcteq is fully functioning despite the COVID-19.


The situation around the world is challenging due to the spreading of the COVID-19, but despite that, Arcteq is fully...

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Arcteqin ja VEOn innovaatio osaksi VAMKin sähkövoimatekniikan koulutusohjelmaa


Arcteqin ja VEOn innovaatio osaksi VAMKin sähkövoimatekniikan koulutusohjelmaa – ”Mahdollistamme Vaasaan koulutuksen, jollaista ei ole missään muualla tarjolla” Vuonna 2016...

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Arcteq 10th Anniversary with new product launches #1/2020


Newsletter #1/2020: Arcteq 10th Anniversary with new product launches, is now published! Read it Online by this link: Or open...

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2019 Managing Director’s New year greetings


Dear Partners and Customers, We at Arcteq would like to thank you for the continuing partnership during this year 2019!...

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Arcteq Relays received recognition in Finnish growth program


Arcteq Relays was selected runner-up in Finnish growth program, Kasvu Open 2019. The  is a program for both start-ups and...

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The Arcteq relays at the Open Days in CERN


The Arcteq – CERN cooperation is proceeding according to original plan. To date 70% of the total of 250 protection...

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Elektrilevi approves Arcteq


Another important milestone for Arcteq!   Arcteq’s protection relay products have been approved for use by Estonia’s largest network operator...

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Arcteq at PCIC 2019 in Vancouver (8-10 September)


Join us for some entertainment and state of the art protective relay and arc flash protection technology in Petrochemical Industry...

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AQ-1000 UL approved!


AQ-1000 UL approved! Arcteq state of the art reusable arc flash quenching device AQ-1000 is now also UL approved. In...

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Arcteq Customer Care Portal substitutes


Arcteq Customer Care Portal will be deactivated 3.6.2019! The new customer care portal have been well received by the...

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New Arcteq Customer Care Portal released


We are ready to take our product support to the next level by launching a new customer care portal. The...

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New year greeting from management


Dear Valued Customers & Partners  As we are closing the chapter for year 2018, it is time to celebrate the...

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Arcteq at European Utility Week in Vienna


Meet us at European Utility Week in Vienna 6-8 November. Our booth is B.a70, we have a good set of...

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First Arcteq substation commissioned at CERN


The first installation with Arcteq protection relays at CERN was commissioned in beginning of October. The Arcteq relays have been...

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Arcteq Relayable Power Feeds #2/2018


Arcteq Newsletter, Relayable Power Feeds #2/2018 is published today. Read it on line by this link:  Or Open it...

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Arcteq once more at Cigre sessions in Paris


This August we once more attend the Cigre convention in Paris, to display world’s most accurate protection relays. The Cigre...

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Arcteq tuplaa tuotantonsa tänä vuonna


Viime vuosi oli vaasalaiselle suojareleisiin ja älyverkkolaitteisiin keskittyneelle Arcteq Relays Oy:lle hyvän kasvun vuosi. Tänä vuonna tuotannon odotetaan tuplaantuvan viime...

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Arcteq fördubblar produktionen i år


Förra året var ett utmärkt år av tillväxt för Arcteq Relays Oy, som designar och tillverkar skyddsreläer för eldistributions- och...

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Arcteq on Global Electric Power Tech in Korea


We are present at the Global Electric Power Tech in Korea. The exhibition takes place May 30 to June 1, 2018....

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Tame the beasts with Generator and Motor Commander


THE GENERATOR AND MOTOR COMMANDER is a unique innovation combining machine protection and control into one unit. The Commander is...

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Arcteq Jyväskylän messuilla / Jyväskylä 2018 exhibition


We cordially invite you to visit us in Jyväskylä 2018 exhibition to experience the latest in protection and control world!...

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Arcteq Newsletter 2/2017


Arcteq regular newsletter issue 2/2017 Arcteqin uutiskirje numero 2/2017 In English Suomeksi...

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New solution for feeder earth-fault protection


The increase of medium voltage cabling, connection of distributed generation and compensated networks (Petersen coil) along with distributed compensation has...

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PAC World conference in Wroclaw


The annual PAC World conference is this year arranged at Wroclaw Polytechnic in Wroclaw, Poland. As usual the conference gathers...

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Visit us in Cired 2017, Glasgow


Arcteq is exhibiting in Cired 2017 in Glasgow, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. You will find the latest protection and...

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Arcteq at Elfack 2017


Once again we display our products at Elfack, this time our slogan is 10 times more accurate and 2 times...

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CERN valitsi markkinoiden edistyksellisimmät suojareleet


Sveitsissä toimiva Euroopan hiukkastutkimuskeskus CERN on uusimassa tutkimuslaitoksensa sähkönsyötön automatiikan ja suojareleet seuraavan viiden vuoden aikana. Teknisen arvioinnin ja monivaiheisen...

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Arcteq made a contract with CERN for delivery of the most advanced protection relays on the market


CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is within the next five years renewing the protection relays for the electricity...

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Arcteq customer day 21.3.2917


The Arcteq Finnish customers got to experience the new AQ 250 product family at Arcteq customer day We at Arcteq...

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Arcteq Verkostomessuilla / Network 2017 exhibition


TERVETULOA VERKOSTOMESSUILLE 2017  / WELCOME TO NETWORKS 2017 EXHIBITION Tampereen messukeskus 25-26.1.2017 Osasto / Stand A133 UUSI AQ 250 SARJA...

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Arcteq at EP China, Beijing


Arcteq is participating in China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition in Beijing at 2–4 November 2016. We are in...

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Arcteq at SENDI Brazil / Arcteq no XX II SENDI


Arcteq is participating in SENDI – National electrical energy distribution seminar to be held in Curitiba, Brazil at 7–10 November...

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Arcteq at EP China, Beijing


Arcteq is participating in China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition in Beijing at 2–4 November 2016. We are in...

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Arcteq in new premises


We have today moved to our new premises. We just left behind our first office space where it all started....

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Arcteqille uusia mahdollisuuksia Ensto -yhteistyön kautta


Sähköverkon suojaukseen erikoistunut vaasalainen Arcteq Oy on saanut uuden vähemmistöosakkaan, kun sähköjärjestelmien ja -tarvikkeiden kehittämiseen, valmistukseen ja markkinointiin keskittynyt Ensto...

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Co-operation with Ensto gives new possibilities for Arcteq


Arcteq Relays Ltd., a Vaasa-based company specialized in the protection of electricity networks, got a new minority stakeholder when Ensto...

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Arcteq at Cigre Technical Exhibition


Arcteq is participating in Cigre Technical Exhibition in Paris on 22–26 August 2016. We are at stand 161bis  We are very...

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See you at PAC World Conference in Ljubljana!


Arcteq is taking part in PAC World conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 14–16 June 2016. We are in booth #20 You are...

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Arcteq exhibits at Global Electric Power Tech, South-Korea


Arcteq is exhibiting in Global Electric Power Tech, South-Korea on 11–13 May 2016. The exhibition is held at COEX Exhibition center in...

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Arcteq at Georgia Tech protective relaying conference


Arcteq is hosting a hospitality suite at Gatech protective relaying conference in Atlanta, GA on 19–21 April 2016. We are...

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Arcteq Jyväskylän messuilla / Arcteq at Electrical Exhibition in Jyväskylä


Arcteq osallistuu Jyväskylän messuille 3–5.2.2016. Tervetuloa tutustumaan markkinoiden viimeisimpään suojarele – ja valokaarisuojalaitteistojen teknologiaan sekä keskustelemaan suojausalan johtavien asiantuntijoiden kanssa...

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UL/C and LR certifications for AQ 100


Arcteq’s AQ 100 arc flash protection system is now certified for US and Canada under UL 508 protective relay category...

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