AQ-F213E Feeder Protection IED

The AQ-F213 IED provides optimal performance for main medium voltage or back-up high voltage protection, control and monitoring applications. The AQ-F213 integrates protection, control, monitoring, measuring, communication and extensive diagnostics information in one compact package. Fully modular hardware construction gives a high level of flexibility; additional I/0 or communication cards can be simply plugged in according to application needs.

The AQ-F213 is developed using the latest available technologies providing a totally new dimension and options to protection engineers. Maximum usability of the IED is guaranteed by features such as graphical interfaces, highly customizable HMI, storage of pdf or other supportive documents and extensive user log informati­on. Easy to use and powerful conguration and setting software tools are provided free of charge.

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  • Non-directional overcurrent (I>; 50/51) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Non-directional earth fault (I0>; 50N/51N) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Directional earth fault (I0dir>; 67N/32N) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Directional overcurrent (Idir>; 67) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Circuit breaker failure protection (CBFP; 50BF/52BF)
  • Overvoltage (U>; 59) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Undervoltage (U<; 27) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Neutral overvoltage (U0>; 59N) - 4 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Overpower (P>; 32O)
  • Rate-of-change of frequency (df/dt>/<; 81R) - 8 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • BIL: 38/95 kV
  • Frequency (f)
  • Arc protection (IArc>/I0Arc>; 50Arc/50NArc) (optional)
  • Number of objects to control and monitor: 5
  • Number of setting groups: 8
  • Cold load pick-up
  • Phase, sequence and residual currents (IL1, IL2, IL3, I01, I02)
  • Current transformer supervision
  • Voltage transformer supervision (60)
  • Disturbance recorder (max. 15 000 permanent event records)
  • Circuit breaker wear monitoring
  • Fault locator (21FL)
  • Current inputs: 5
  • Rated voltage: up to 17.5 kV
  • Short-circuit withstand: 40 kA for one 1 s
  • Digital inputs: +8/16/24
  • RJ-45 100 Mbps Ethernet and RS-485 (rear panel, fixed)
  • RS-232 & serial fibre (PP/PG/GP/GG) (optional)
  • Double LC 100 Mbps Ethernet (PRP/HSR) (optional)
  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104
  • Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP
  • SPA