SIQuench 3AM4143 Arc quenching device

SIQuench 3AM4143 is an arc quenching device which extinguishes arcing faults  within 5 ms of arc initiation. The device is installed as a part of an AQ 100 arc protection system. When an AQ 100 series unit detects an arc fault, it simultaneously triggers the SIQuench arc quenching system and trips the circuit breaker(s) feeding the fault. Then the SIQuench unit creates a low-impedance parallel path for the fault current to flow through. The total arcing time is less than 5 milliseconds, which mitigates the risk of personal injuries and of damages to equipment.


  • Auxiliary supply ranges from 110 to 250 V AC/DC.
  • Includes the controller (trigger device) and connection cables.
  • Additional connection fibers (3 m, 5 m & 10 m) available.
  • Applicable to both new and retrofit installations.

Siemens and SIQuench are registered trademarks of Siemens Aktiengesellschaft.

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  • Maximum rated voltage: 24 kV
  • Short-circuit withstand: 50 kA for 3 s
  • BIL: 125 kV
  • Phase conductor replacement: 580 mm (total: 740 mm)
  • Electric life: 5 operations below fault current
  • Mechanical life: 30 operations
  • AX001-3 Connection fiber (3 meters)
  • AX001-5 Connection fiber (5 meters)
  • AX001-10 Connection fiber (10 meters)