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Our intuitive and easy-to-use AQtivate setting and configuration software suites are available at no cost. AQtivate PRO offers a smart and cost-efficient substation management solution. There are also tools available for analyzing communication information.

Software suites

AQtivate software

You can download the AQtivate setting and configuration tools or the AQwire communication tester software from the links below. Please note that downloading requires registration, which is also needed to enable the software’s update notice feature.

You can register free of charge with this link, or by clicking “LOGIN” at the top of this page and then selecting “Register”.

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110 kV/22 kV Hòa Bình 1 Wind farm project

After successfully installing the Phase I protection devices for the Hoa Binh Windfarm station in Vietnam, Arcteq also obtained the Phase II project procurement and delivered all products to customers with the most efficient production capacity.