Arcteq was selected as a relay supplier for the Hsueshan Tunnel retrofit project in Taiwan. The 13 kilometer long tunnel, also known as Snow Mountain Tunnel, connects to and from Taipei. It is Asia’s second longest and the world’s sixth longest tunnel.

Arcteq scope of supply includes AQ B398 for 161kV busbar protection, AQ T393 for 161/23.9kV three winding transformer protection and more than 60 AQ F215 and AQ F210 Feeder protection IEDs to protect, control and provide accurate measurements on the tunnel’s power distribution feeders. All Arcteq IEDs communicate using IEC 61850 to supervisory control and energy management systems. An integrated arc protection card with respective arc sensors was included in selected AQ F215 units to further enhance switchgear safety by providing less than 10ms trip time in case of internal arc fault in 23.9kV switchgear.

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