We are ready to take our product support to the next level by launching a new customer care portal. The new portal offers wide range of functionality to make the support for all Arcteq products even faster and more transparent than it is today. The customer care portal is a Ticket based system, which will enable the following.

  • When entering a support ticket, the system will ask for all required information regarding the support task, this shortens the handling time for the case by removing delays caused by frequent messaging to determine required information.
  • The system will provide the support issue owner with a receipt of the case and possibility to follow the progress of the support issue trough the whole process until resolved.
  • All issued and resolved support cases are stored in the system for each user, it is easy to go back to previously solved cases for benchmarking.
  • In the portal there is a Help Centre knowledge base available. Here the repeating support cases are published for anyone to view and study and perhaps find a solution to the problem without submitting a support ticket.
  • The Community provides a discussions forum for all customer care portal users. In the community you can connect to other Arcteq product users and submit more freeform questions than entering a support ticket.

The support@arcteq.fi email will be available in parallel with customer care portal until 1.6.2019. After that the only way to submit a support case will be the customer care portal.


Getting started in Arcteq Customer Care Portal

Download the getting started instructions